Tired of organising the same birthday bash for him with a lot of friends in a lounge with a loud noise, loud enough for you to not be able to hear him or talk to him or even wish him properly on his special day? Well, do not worry as we have put together some of the best birthday gifts that you can give to him and make him feel special. Some innovative ideas with which you can definitely win the heart of your man yet again include-

#1. Photo collage

Take pictures from his family and all his close friends and arrange them in the form of a heart along with pictures of your special moments as well. He is going to love it and the fact that you tried involving his family and friends will earn you brownie points as well!

#2. Messages

Sometimes, on our birthday, more than any gifts we miss our loved ones who are far away from us. Therefore, get messages from his family and friends, write them down and then hang them from the ceilings decorating his entire room with messages. He is definitely going to get emotional on seeing this entire setting. Alternatively, you can also ask them to write their messages in their own handwriting and then you can get it printed and then attach it to a string.

#3. Early morning ritual

You ought to make him special the moment he opens his eyes and this definitely should be your morning ritual on his birthday. So, for this, you can get colourful chalks and write ‘Happy Birthday, Love’ on the floor or the wall and let him begin his day with a smile. He will definitely feel like a king.

#4. A treasure hunt

Considering the fact that guys absolutely adore playing games, this one’s going to be a win-win for the two of you. Organise a wonderful treasure hunt for him with clues at every stage and a gift for solving the riddle and moving on to the next one to find another gift. Get gifts such as perfumes, wallets, shirts, and pamper him with everything that he loves. You can easily get one-day delivery gifts online at stores with a superb quality so you need not worry about having to order gifts in advance.

#5. Birthday Cakes

This is a given! There can be no birthday celebration without a birthday gift. However, to make it special for him, you can either bake the cake yourself and if you are not good at it, then, you get a customized cake made for him with his favourite football/cricket team, or if he loves watching Netflix, or with a picture of him (which he will definitely not like cutting). Also, if your guy is a gym freak and is constantly worried about his calorie intake, then, you can also get a sugar free cake which is easily available nowadays.

These are some of the ways in which you can express your love to your boyfriend. Do let us know if he liked some of our ideas.