Buying an inverter can be a very good investment in the long run. Living in a country like India which has such frequent power outages, you cannot make do with what you have. Bringing an inverter into your house can not only save you from the heat during summers but can also protect you from helpless situations like the electricity going out the day before your exams. The inverter not only runs the lights and fans but can also run the pump if you run out of water after a power cut.

However buying an inverter is a decision that has to be mulled over for days before coming to a conclusion and once that is settled, you can decide which battery will suit your inverter.

Nowadays you can simply buy an online flat plate battery. It’s simple, easy and effective and doesn’t even need you to step out of the house. All you need to do is make a decision about your purchase. Sometimes people come to install it for you along with giving you a proper warrantee.

How does a flat plate battery work?

To make a flat plate battery, the first thing in the process is the making of a cast grid which is composed of a lead alloy having at least 4-7% antimony. A amalgamation of lead oxide,sulfuric acid and water is used to paste the grids on an automatic machine. After the pasting procedure has been carried out, a curing process takes place where the plate’s active material is converted into the composition which is required or desired. After this the paste sets into a thick solid mass which feels rugged and hard to touch. These plates are very durable and have the following benefits attached to it.

  1. Good performance in terms of using and storing electricity.
  2. Very limited shedding and corrosion.
  3. A very good life cycle with almost no complications
  4. A very beneficial reserve of the lead in the battery.
  5. Easily available online. Now you can buy online flat plate battery in India.
  6. The glass coating on the batteries keeps the plates very well protected and secure.

How to purchase a battery for your inverter.

  1. The battery is the support system almost like the backbone of an inverter. The amount
  2. If you buy a battery just because your neighbor has the same inverter and says that the battery he uses works fine for him, it’s the case of blind leading the blind. Do your research. The battery may work fine for him but you can also find a better one within your price range and necessity
  3. The amount of back up that can be provided by an inverter and the amount of time it can run all the equipments during a power outage, depends solely on the battery.
  4. Another important aspect is choosing the type of battery. There are two major types of batteries for inverters, namely flat plate battery and tubular battery. Both have pros and cons. Flat plate batteries are however cheaper and can be replaced after a few years without any hassle.

Now that you know the basics, nothing should stop you for giving your family hassle-free continuous electricity.