If you say iPhone 8 plus is the best smartphone in the consumer market, it is by no means an out of the ordinary statement. This smartphone is the best flagship cell phone, have an array of tricks up its sleeves in terms of camera, which makes a great upgrade to its previous client. Plus, the powerful phone scores high on the battery front. The iPhone 8 plus is the safest bet, thanks to its OLED display. However, this version maintains the same sleek looks. Are you considering buying a cheap iPhone 8 plus phone? Then, scroll down to check out these features:

  1.    The display of the iPhone 8 plus

In terms of design, there is no major difference between the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Moreover, the resolution and the brightness, both are same. The OLED and the HDR support are the two upgrade of the iPhone 8 plus phone.

  1.    Performance- faster & smarter phone

When it comes to iPhone 8 plus, this arguably a premium smartphone for its performance, which is upgraded to its previous version. The efficiency of this phone is 70% higher than its previous phones.

  1.    Great camera

When it comes to the camera, the iPhone 8 plus is unrivalled in the market. In the last couple of years, the Samsung and the Google took the crown because of their smarter camera with high resolution. But, this flagship phone took back the Beaton becoming the best in the market. The phone is feature-enrich in terms of the camera; it has an extra 12-megapixel telephoto camera with a low aperture, therefore, making this phone a great pick for its camera. This phone has great visual appeal in low light. Plus, this smartphone had a seven-megapixel sensor and f2.2 aperture. In addition to that, the sample range of the Apple images shows is great. And, the autofocus and noise reduction are some of the high points of iPhone 8 plus camera.

  1.    Battery life

All the recent phones of the Apple are on the same page when it comes to battery life. There is no big change in the battery life aspect. Like its previous phones, this iPhone 8 plus has faster-charging features, along with the wireless charging. As per Apple, 50% charging can be achieved in just half an hour.

  1.    High pricing

In terms of pricing, the iPhone 8 plus is disappointing, this smartphone is too expensive with just a few feature upgrades.

  1.    Bottom line

From the above features, it is fair to say that this phone can be a great buy if you are ready to store some extra dollars for one or two feature upgrades; so, a big thumb up to this phone for its camera option.

At the end of it all, you can go online to buy cheap iPhone 8 plus a second or look for a new phone with great deals & discounts. This is the decision; you have to make in accord with budget and expectations.