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        Prefabricated branch cable
        Solve the complexity of building distribution, reduce distribution costs, shorten the construction period, improve High security and high reliability of power supply system.

        Prefabricated branch cable is to adapt to the rapid development of modern architecture, the complexity of building power distribution, reduce distribution costs, shorten the construction period, improve the power distribution system of high security and high reliability of a new cable products.

        Prefabricated branch cable is mainly suitable for middle and high buildings and factories, mines, roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, squares, venues, enterprises and institutions in the transmission of rated voltage in the following 1000V power supply and distribution system.

        Prefabricated branch cable is factory in accordance with the requirements of cable users, according to the main, branch cable type, specification, section, length and distribution of the parameters, in the special production equipment, the main, branch cable to be reliably connected to the cable. Its branches and the upper ends of the supporting head are made of high polymer material in the factory, and made in advance. Its electrical performance and physical properties can be tested in the factory before the factory, so the product has a reliable, good insulation, construction and installation, power distribution costs low, wide application, low cost, easy installation, design and other advantages, is the ideal replacement of ordinary cable and bus bar. The seismic, waterproof and fireproof performance are better than the busbar, and avoid the busbar maintenance cumbersome phenomenon.




        Has excellent safety and reliability of power supply -The main cable conductor without joint, good continuity, reduce the fault point. -Branch joint use of factory machinery production, greatly reducing the human factor caused the phenomenon of bad quality. -The branch joint structure is reasonable and the use of LYZ advanced production process, the contact resistance is small, not affected by thermal expansion and contraction. -A short period of time to complete the die sheath, to avoid the contact of the joints of copper core long time exposed in the air to produce oxidation and lead to contact resistance changes. -There are strict technical standards and inspection requirements, as well as strict quality assurance system.

        The installation is simple and convenient, and the construction is convenient. -The occupancy of the building area is small, it is beneficial to the effective use of the construction area, the space size of the civil engineering. -The use of low environmental requirements, the installation of low accuracy requirements. -Simple and convenient installation, installation and technical requirements is not high, the installation of equipment only an ordinary hoist can be. And the installation period is short, only for each line of 1/10 or 1/20. Installation labor intensity is small. -Due to the small bending radius, it greatly reduces the installation difficulty and reduces the space dimension.

        Excellent earthquake resistance, air tightness, water tightness and fire resistance -Excellent earthquake resistance, general mechanical connection bus groove joints, the wall will occur after the shock of the joint mobilization. While the XDF series of pre fabricated cables will not be affected. In particular, through the construction of the settlement does not need any measures. -Good air tightness and water resistance, can be in the wet environment of normal power supply, but also in the open and underground laying. -The "NH" type of prefabricated branch cable can be used to maintain the normal operation of 90min in the case of combustion.

        Maintenance free -The installation of prefabricated branch cable Xianbao method, once opening rate is high. -Normal operation of prefabricated branch cable system usually does not need to do any maintenance and maintenance, failure rate is zero.

        Can significantly reduce the distribution costs -Compared with the bus slot, the project cost can be reduced, and the technical and economic indicators are high, and the comprehensive economic benefits are obvious.

        Varieties specifications, selection of flexible, arbitrary combination -The main cable from 10mm2 to 1200mm2, from the 10mm2 to the 185mm2 branch of the arbitrary combination of the selection. Cable varieties, VV, ZRVV, NHVV, YJV, ZR, YJV, NHYJV, can choose according to need. -Branch joints can be arbitrarily set at the level of the floor.