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        PVC insulation shielded wire(flame retardant type)

        Adopt standard for this product is based on the standard made by international electric commission (IEC 227)(1979) and is exactly the same.

        This product is fit for ac rated voltage 300/350v electric appliances. Instruments and meters. Electro-equipments and automatic installations.
        Operating characteristics:
        All sorts of this s include:
        Name:Grade 5 cables for computer netowrds  
        Model:NETWORK-250,NETWORK-150,NETWORK-350 Size:HSYV-5E(UTP)4*2*0.50,HSYV-5E(UTP)4*2*0.40,HSYV-5E(UTP)4*2*0.51
        Nominal Cross-sectional:
        Rated voltage:   Dark Fiber: Use: