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        Plastic insulated special shielded control cable

        The cable is manufactured according to GB9330-88, IEC227 and JSC258C-1986. It is suitable to used in the line system with AC rated voltage of 450/750V and up to and including 600/1000V for controlling L.V. power supply signal, protecting and measuring. It applies especially to the centerlines of power station and substation up to and including 500KV. The interference from outside electromagnetic field can be suppressed by using thee plastic insulated special shielded control cable.

        Operating characteristics:
        All sorts of this s include:
        Name:Aluminum-cored cable/wire PVC insulted PVC sheathed electric cable  
        Model:VV3*185+1*95 Size:
        Nominal Cross-sectional:
        Rated voltage:   Dark Fiber:4 Use:This is English word
        This is English word