Make up should be done with a lot of caution especially in a humid country. Also one needs to invest in a good quality makeup brands because one has to be very careful on what they are applying on their skin.

Depending on their skin types, one can go for a makeup product that suits their skin. If one is not so keen to use chemical make ups then vegan makeup organic for normal skin is available which one can try. These are mostly chemical free and are light on skin.

Here are a few necessary steps that one needs to follow if they live in a humid country.

Before make up exfoliation of your skin is very necessary. It helps in making your skin look fresh. If you try to put up makeup on a very dry and flaky skin, then it will fall off soon. Use a facial brush to do the exfoliation and always try to focus on those areas which tend to become more dry and flaky. You can also use a face mask to keep your facial skin healthy and glowing. It cleanses the pores from inside and makes it dirt free.

Always remember that a proper base is mainly needed before anything else. Your skin is very important and so you have to be very careful on what base you apply. Take a base which completely suits your skin type and for summers an oil free foundation is a must to be applied on your skin. If you are not sure about your skin type, first consult a dermatologist and then go for the base make up. Getting a foundation for an oily skin can be a tough task. This is because most of the foundations melt quickly and need touch ups every hour.

Always try and invest in a good quality primer because when you apply a primer you will not regret it. Apply it after the moisturiser and before applying the foundation. Primers will not add any weight to the face and also it will not look like an additional layer. Also it will help to hold the make up in place.

A bit of kajal is perfect for mornings. But if you are going out in the evening, then you can lighten up your look by adding some sheer versions of eye colours and lip colours. But going for nudes can be the best thing when it comes to colour choices in summer. You can also use light shades of eye shadows for evening parties.

If the weather is hot and sultry outside, then blot the face powder with blotting papers. This eliminates any kind of shine on the shine which can reflect light from your face and make it look more shiny and oily.

One can buy pure organic vegan makeup products for normal skin from online stores or from proper makeup stores. These makeup products have hardly any chemicals on them and so they are not very harmful. But remember; always remove your makeup before going to sleep.