‘Lanugo’ is the Latin word for small, fine, downy hairs on plants. Scientists do not understand the actual role of Lanugo plays in the development of a human body. What is lanugo hair? Actually, if newborn babies are covered with this fine quality hair, that is known as lanugo. The first hair in baby, basically, begins to grow within 14 to 16weeks of your pregnancy. Naturally, it shed within seven to eight months which is why you may not see this on your baby. This is replaced by normal body hair which is called vellus hair, found in every human body. In an exceptional case of the delivery of your premature baby, it can be visible upon them.

Mostly, lanugo on the baby has to be shed within few weeks. The amount of lanugo is changeable. Some of the parents often get conscious by the amount of hair covering their new infant. Lanugo covers the entire body except for palms of the hand, sides of the figures and toes, soles of the feet, lips, inside of the labia minora and major and glands of a penis. Some people advised of rubbing the hairs so that it can shed more quickly but that is absolutely no need to do.

Is LANUGO Dangerous for Your Baby?

What is lanugo in pregnancy? Does it affect your baby? Yes, these are quite important questions that will disturb any parents. If your baby born in a pre matures stage and fully covered with lanugo, that’s not anything dangerous. Lanugo is not contagious and not at all causes any severe problem on your baby’s health. Some parents get worried about if their baby has to suffer from excessive unwanted hair in future. But there is no need to be worried as being born with Lanugo is more than natural. There are traditions of reducing Lanugo with the help of natural remedies which is completely unnecessary. Every natural thing takes time. Lanugo will be gone by the time the baby reaches 4 to 5 months old and replaced with natural vellus body hair.

Can It Happen to Adults?

Lanugo can be natural for the babies but if in case it occurs on the adults that are quite unnatural and may cause various health problems. People, who are malnourished, may suffer from the growth of this hair on their face first and later on the body. Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder which is always associated with the growth of lanugo hair. And eating disorder can disrupt body temperature. If there is nobody fat, the body won’t be able to stay warm.

Sometimes lanugo hairs grow in people with cancer. This is a rare case. But, according to research, it has been proved that people, suffering from lung cancer, can have lanugo growth on the face, hands, and feet.

Hopefully, you get an overview of lanugo hair. It is normal for babies and you don’t need to get panicked. And never use any tips to remove them instantly. That may harm your infant.