MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is one of the new diagnosis techniques of several diseases which start at the beginning of the 1980s.  For this diagnosis treatment procedure, an MRI scanner is very useful. It’s magnetic and radio waves are needed for creating pictures of organs, tissues, and other structures within the body and physician get the view of it by computer.

This is the procedure where you do not need X-ray for the medical imaging purpose which can make the cell damage of your body by the radiation process. Pictures which produced a MRI scan are more detailed and great for making higher diagnostic.

For this diagnosis process patients have to lie on a large and cylinder-shaped magnet. Lots of strong radio waves come from 10,000 to 30,000 times sent through the body and create a magnetic field for the alignment of the particle. This strong magnetic field causes the alignment of particles, called protons which are found naturally within the body, mainly in the hydrogen atoms or body.

Almost 99 percent human bodies are made by the combination of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. So magnetic field is great for finding proton within your body. Different type of protons sends a different signal which depends on the tissue or organ of your body. To make low painful MRI scan centers in Chennai by maintaining all the preparation prescribed by the doctors.

By this MRI scanner physician can make pictures of all the tissue which are affected by the disease of your body. The tissue which has the least amount of hydrogen atoms (such as bones) which just turns out dark. If your organ is perfect then it looks brighter in this imaging test. You have to change the radio wave pulses to gain all the information about the tissue or organs.

An MRI of your brain and spinal cord can find about all the crowd abnormalities and you will get clear pictures of this structure which surrounded by the bone tissue.  Any change in the tissues of your brain is very helpful for the diagnosis of the treatment. The people who have the problem of brain bleeding and famished of oxygen after a stroke they need this MRI CT scan to know all the complication of their nervous system.

For investigation of traumatic brain injury and abnormalities of your body, this is very useful. The abnormal malignant growths of your brain can identify this process by an efficient way. Much good quality clinic and institution are available for MRI scan in Chennai for a perfect treatment procedure.

Conclusion: MRI scan has many difference then the CT scan. Here is no ionizing radiation is not involved in this process. It is more capable of exemplifying all type of soft tissues and higher density tissues. The doctor can examine your bone by this MRI scan and it has low side effect than any other imaging process. Visit the best quality clinic for making MRI scan of your body in a simple and easy way.