When it comes to state flags, the Texas State flag is quite a popular and well-known one, and definitely one that would just enhance your home. Like most state flags, the Texas state flag also has an interesting history. Nowadays, it’s a trend in American homes to flaunt some handcrafted wooden wall art decors, especially decors and different state flags.

Although the Texas state flag is a popular choice among people in America, most of them are not actually aware of the rich history that tags along with it. If you plan to invest in these flags and wish to flaunt them to visitors who come to your home, then you would be glad to learn about some of its interesting facts.

Like other state flags, for example, the Californian state flag, the Texas state flag comes with no exception. When you conduct a proper research and try to investigate more about this flag, you will come across some facts that will strike an interest in you. Keep reading through below to learn about the amazing facts of the Texas state flag.

The Common Facts of the Texas State Flag

As mentioned above, the Texas State flag has some facts that not every American is aware of, and if you plan to invest in American Echoes wall art flags in reclaimed wood, then it’s worth it to learn about some of them. This should help you the next time a visitor comes to your home and asks for some history guide on the impressive flag you have displayed on your wall.

The Other Name of the Flag Is “The Lone Star”

The design of the Texas state flag brought about the widespread of the common nickname of the flag, which is “The Lone Star Flag.” it’s possible that the flag got this other nickname because of its design, which features a large white star on a navy blue background along with red and white.

The Designer of the Flag is Unknown

Although the credit goes to the famous Dr. Charles B. Stewart who people say was the mastermind behind the early design of the flag, no one is actually aware of who designed the Texas flag, as we know today. History has it that his drawing was just to adopt the flag design, but the actual designer still remains a history.

It Has the Same Colors as the USA Flag

A cool thing about the Texas state flag is that also has the same colors as the ones you will find in the United States flag. The Texas flag consists of red, blue, and white. All these colors are necessary, as they are also present in the United States flag. Each one of the color on the stand has a meaning, where blue represents royalty, red signifies bravery and white purity.

The Symbol of the Lone Star Goes Back to the Texas Revolution

According to the flag code, the lone star actually represents Texas entirely and stands for unity of the state, as one for the country, state, and God. However, this symbol did not actually come about with the flag, but Texans often use it more as a symbol to represent solidarity, especially during the declaration of independence from Mexico. Since then, the lone star flag today represents independence.

The Pledge of Allegiance Is Somewhat Controversial

The Texas State flag allegiance phrase that goes, “one state under God,” came into the pledge back in 2007. However, people say this is a controversial addition, and often challenges the high court to draw on some national scrutiny to it. However, these words still fall into the picture today.

As you can see, these are just some of the many facts you should know about the Texas state flag. The next time some visitors come to your home, you will be able to give them information and show off your knowledge!

Should You Clean the Handcrafted Wooden Wall Art Flag?

Some people say that cleaning any flag of America, whether it’s a state flag or not is something you shouldn’t follow. However, there’s no actual evidence that shows or proves this true. It’s just a rumor and you should discard this. Whether you own a Betsy Ross flag, USA flag, or the Texas State flag, keep in mind that reclaimed wood wall art will require you to dust off the surface. You can use a damp cloth and wipe the surface of the wood. This keeps the appearance clean, shiny and doesn’t affect the wooden material.

Regardless of the American handcrafted wooden wall art flag, you choose, knowing some facts will always help. Before you buy one you can also contact experts and get some information from them too regarding the quality of the wood and some history on it.