You cannot do much about your appearance. God has given a specific face cut, jaw line and head shape to everyone. There isn’t enough area to work on. But what you can do is you can go ahead and pick some stylish clothes, trendy outfits and dresses that enhance your looks.

Of course, you cannot take any chance with your natural body looks, but you can take any type of chance with the apparels you wear. You can get choosy in your clothing options and pick the ones that suit you the most.

Options for Men

Okay fine, you are thinking that women can accessories themselves with so many things like earrings, necklaces, bangles and so on but you are a poor fellow, right? Wrong, you are so wrong. You have a rich variety in the clothes. You have no idea how classic and sexy a man looks in a stunning white t-shirt. The t-shirt gives a perfect shape and look to his upper body and masculine shape.

Women go crazy when they have a look at the broad shoulders and narrow waste that too in a t-shirt that fully compliments the wearer. Be it a white shade or your favourite colour; t-shirts are always promising. And if you think that your colour choice isn’t available in a t-shirt then you can check a platform like for all your satisfactions.

You know when it comes to shades; you should own at least a couple of the basics shades like white, gray, black and navy. Digging deeper into the shades of t-shirts, you would get the apt one for yourself. For example:

  • Talking about white shade, it compliments all types of skin tones. The classic white t-shirt must be part of your wardrobe. Remember that you always wash your white clothes together. There is no need to wash your classic white t-shirt with clothes of other shades.
  • Talking about the hypnotic gray shade, it is a mixture of different shades. Gray virtually improves your body shape. However, you have to look out for sweat marks that are easily spotted on dark colour.
  • Moving on to the sexy black shade, it is another versatile colour option. Black teams up well with most of the outfit combinations. However, this is the colour that tends to fade swiftly and can be a little severe during the day time.
  • Next speaking of navy, it is certainly a better choice than black since it is more suitable during the day time and wonderful for creating tonal appearances when mingled with jeans.

Talking about other shades, a t-shirt is perhaps the easiest way to experiment with shades. Reds, Greens, purples and blues are amazing for creating a current of colour under a specific cardigan or worn on their own. You have to ensure that the colour of the t-shirt you are wearing doesn’t clash with your skin tone.

So, blend your looks with the right type of t-shirt and leave the women hypnotised. Check out an amazing collection of t-shirts at and go lively.