If you are a first time mother you might not be sure of what to expect during the period of pregnancy? Video of developing baby week by week could provide you with a fair idea of what to expect. With the aid of a pregnancy calendar you can track down all changes that take place in a developing baby at this point of time. During each week of pregnancy a description of the development of a baby is found out. An explanation of the changes that take place in your body is also found out. In this regard important medical help could also pour in on how to keep your baby healthy during the stage of pregnancy.

The moment you are pregnant the feeling of a baby inside you is something amazing that is pretty hard to describe. This is considering the fact that a woman may not feel all that best during the period of pregnancy. Pregnancy could be different from one lady to another and this may vary as in the case of different pregnancies as well. The baby growth week by week during pregnancy could provide you with more information at this point of time. In case of some women no form of discomfort is experienced at all during the stage of pregnancy. In the words of some experts, pregnancy is a long 10 month journey with its shares of ups and downs.

Information about due dates and trimesters

Once you found out that you are pregnant, the first question that will spring up in your mind is when my due date is. During your first prenatal visit, the health care provider will assist you with the exact due date of your baby. This works out to be 40 weeks from the first day when your last menstrual period occurs.

Be aware of the fact that the due date is a mere estimation. It has been observed are born between 38 weeks to 42 weeks from the first day of your last lMP. The trend is that only a small portion of women do go on to deliver on their exact due date. One of the common terms you will hear during pregnancy is trimester. Any pregnancy is normally divided into 3 major trimesters. As far as the first trimester is concerned, it starts from week 1 and stretches to 12 weeks of pregnancy. The second trimester would be from week 13 to the end of week 26. Now coming to the third trimester of pregnancy it starts from week 13 and stretches to the end of pregnancy.

During each trimester changes tends to take place in the body of the pregnant women along with the developing fetus.

It is the third trimester of pregnancy where a concise idea will be provided on when you will be heading to labour. You need to differentiate the true contractions from the false ones. In case of the former it is more of a stage of helping you prepare for labour.