In the history of innovations of water dispenser, the products offered by KENT have always lived up to the expectations of the customers across the nation. While a simple water dispenser will just do the designated task of dispensing water, KENT Perk water dispenser is much more than just a simple dispenser. Get to know why this product stands out from the other dispensers in the market in the following sections.

Multipurpose and Multi-Functional Water Dispenser

KENT Perk dispenses normal and cold water whenever needed. You can use this cold water to make lime juice or ice tea as and when required. Even if there is no kitchen area in your office premises, it won’t be difficult for you to make your preferred cold beverages whenever you need it.

Easy to Install

KENT Perk is ideal for usage in almost all the areas in home, offices, restaurants and showrooms. It is well-equipped to be utilised almost anywhere. The process of installation is also absolutely easy and the whole process can be completed within a few minutes.

Easy Maintenance Enabled with Smart Technology

KENT Perk is extremely easy to maintain and operate. The water dispenser comes equipped with intelligent controls, which allow the water temperature to be maintained such that it doesn’t become too cold to drink.

User-Friendly Design

As promised by KENT, Perk is easy to use and simple to operate. The water dispenser can be directly connected to the source of water supply, thereby eradicating the need to mount water bottles on the water dispenser.

Double Purification and RO Technology

Not all water dispensers come integrated with purifiers. Even if you don’t have water purifier installed at home, KENT Perk is well-equipped to purify untreated water and provide purified normal or chilled pure water as per requirement. All the dissolved impurities are first treated before water is dispersed into the system, making it fit for drinking and making beverages.

Healthy and Tasty Drinking Water

The mineral RO technology in the water dispenser makes it a point to retain all the essential minerals, which are needed for your body. The taste of the drinking water dispensed by Perk compels you to ditch the normal drinking water and drink pure and tasty drinking water, which is available at all times.

Suitable for Areas Where Tap/ Brackish Water Is Supplied

Tap water is the most common source of water in cities. Sometimes, the quality of the water is brackish. If you happen to receive this quality of water, installing KENT Perk will help you get pure and healthy drinking water without any difficulties.

These are a few of the compelling reasons that make KENT Perk water dispensers a worthy buy. Even the top quality purification laboratories around the world vouch for the product’s quality and performance. This enhances the chances of maintaining and utilizing the waterdispenser for a longer duration.