Are you an ardent follower of YouTube or a serious YouTuber for years now? Did you get stuck at a particular number of subscribers and somehow the view counts are also not increasing? Have you uploaded a variety of content and still there is no significant change in the number of subscribers/ views? Well, then this article is for you.

Well, remember that being a YouTuber or a social media influencer is no child’s play. So, the first thing which you need to learn to stick this industry for a longer period of time is patience. To build your respective fan-base, you might take one month or many months depending upon the content you create and the amount of endorsement or propaganda you could attach to it through proper networking.

Below are described a few hacks by following which you can become a popular social media influencer.

  1. Stay active on various social media platforms: If you are trying to become a social media star, remember that limiting yourself to one particular platform won’t garner you any hype. So, make sure you share your video to other social networking sites especially Facebook because it has the maximum number of active users currently which is estimated to be double the times of active users on YouTube. Now, that doesn’t mean you will have to upload your videos separately on each platform. Use a YouTube to a Facebook converter to directly convert and share the video on Facebook. Encourage your friends and followers to share your content as much as possible to get you the desired fame.
  2. Thumbnails: For your YouTube videos, choose a thumbnail that represents your content well. Thumbnails are the first impression your video creates on the mind of the audience. It is advisable that instead of simply capturing an image from your video and setting up as a thumbnail, you should get a customised YouTube thumbnail. You can create it on your own or seek the help of an expert. If you are using a customised thumbnail, then do choose an image which is in sync with your video. If there is no correlation between the thumbnail and the video, then you might receive negative feedback or spam reports for your content.

While sharing this converted video on Facebook, note that the thumbnail also needs to change. Facebook allows bigger thumbnails with better pixels so that users can easily notice the videos and stream them by clicking on the big play button which is attached on the customised YouTube to Facebook thumbnail.

  1. Interact with your subscribers: Make sure you like or reply to the comments of your subscribers to establish a personal sense of contact. Once you start interacting with them they will help in sharing your content on their profiles through which you can reach out to the maximum number of audiences.
  2. Recent Content: If you can make a video related to any of the ongoing situation or current affairs, then you have a higher chance of getting popular as people will stream your video to know more regarding them.

Follow these tricks and you can become a big social media influencer.